Take Your “Pink Pill” for the Summer

This Summer is not for the meek.  It’s about finding your inner Glamour-Goddess, and going for it.  Big-Bright-Bold-Beautiful Lips are what it’s about, and Hot-Pink is the Color-Sensation of the moment.  I feel like we are in a place with pink that we’ve never been.  It seems like most of the brands have gotten wise to the fact that we all want to wear pink, so they’ve made their shades very universally friendly.

It use to be that “Bubble-gum Pink” could only be gotten-away-with by a lucky few genetically blessed individuals.  But now, like these lips (left), the shades are so varied and come with so many great under-tones – there is a perfect pink hue for everyone.  If this is your first venture out with Hot-Pink, I would try to go with a “Mulberry Pink”, it will provide a purple-red base that takes it from “Barbie to Beauty.”

Clearly, I’m Obsessed with Pink, but the reason I’m such an advocate for trying this color on your lips, is it’s over-all uplifting quality.  There is absolutely no-way you can put on a Super-Cool Shade like these and not feel Chic.  What can I say, Pink is a Perk-up (and much cheaper than therapy).