This Summer’s Beach Style, Glossy-Glamour Vs. Boho-Chic

If you wear heels to the beach it’s a no-brainer, you definitely fall into the “Glamour” category.  While I think it can be over-kill, if you just can’t throw on a pair of flip-flops to save your life, here’s some fabulous options for how to Keep-it-Chic on the sand this Summer.

Take advantage of the glorious neon trend, and match your ensemble to your surroundings.  From Sun-Yellow to Bold Ocean Blue, if you’re gonna’ stick with the glamour – then go all the way.  Find fabulous accessories that will pop against the azure blue sky/ocean, and you will pop out-of-the-crowd.

I’m Obsessed with the off-the-shoulder blue cotton dress with fab straw-fedora (above0, and the super-skinny yellow belt that just jumps off the fabric.  And you can’t forget the Big-Brimmed Straw Hat (left) – mixing various stripes adds dimension and looks great.  This style is all about mixing/matching the right pieces.

If you’re more of the Boho-Chic girl, you can still enjoy the same level of high-style with the right styling/layering.  The best way to keep Boho on the chicer end, is to keep the fabrics light and flowing, with the right accessories to set-it-off.

I love the gypsy pants and the long day-dresses, they remind me of 70’s Halston, but they are ultimately so modern – they feel completely sexy and new.  Keep the hair off the face – as they’ve done with these perfect high-knots – it will showcase the layers/fabrics, and also give your scarf a purpose.  It’s all about finding the perfect balance of texture/fabric/weight.  Pile it on – while looking light & airy.  When done right it’s a fabulous Summer Look.

Pictures from Vogue-Japan, July 2011