Fairy-Tale Wedding, Kate Moss Style

The one-and-only Kate Moss wed her long-time love, Jamie Hince (wearing YSL), this Weekend.  Wearing a simple gown designed by John Galliano, Kate looked every bit the bohemian princess for her 70’s style dream wedding.  The Lace & Beading provided a gorgeous overlay and allowed the lower-half of the transparent dress to look ethereal rather than overtly sexy.  The most stunning part of the ensemble was the gorgeous embroidered veil, with “Polka Dot” lace that was wrapped and knotted in a band that was pinned to her hair.  Living up to the “Kate Standard” the veil was spectacularly unique – just like the bride herself.

To some of us Kate Moss is the epitome of a fashion-icon.  She is a true inspirational force.  While this dress is simple, it’s is 100% Kate.  And when you continue to look at it, you see more and more of the glorious detail and find more beauty with each pass.  Just like Kate herself, every time we look at her we see something more complex and beautiful.  She’s never been just another super-model, she is just simply and undeniable fashion-force, and beautiful enigma.

Kate Moss & Jamie Hince at their Rehearsal Dinner

In this absolutely fabulous ensemble, Kate Moss decided to go Vintage-Chic for her Rehearsal Dinner.  I’m not sure what I loved more this dress or her Wedding Gown.  This is so beyond amazing, it manages to live up to every thing we would expect from this global fashion-goddess.  It’s absolutely delicious.  The perfect “Edgy Fairy-Tale” dress, it perfectly sums up why we watch this model with baited breath every time she leaves her flat.  From the Blue Booties, to the the royal-wristlet with floral flair, she looks like a dream-come-true.  So while I did think her Wedding Dress was beautiful and she was a glowing-bride, I think the Star of this Event is this fabulous Vintage Dream.  I am Completely Obsessed!!!