Go Chapeau-Chic With This Fall’s Fabulous Hat-Trends

The Hat’s the Thing this Fall.  I’m getting so exciting for the upcoming Season’s attention to “Hat-Wear” I can hardly stand-it.  In the spirit of honesty I must admit that I am a hat person, and never a Fall shall come that I won’t be excited to add new styles to my collection, but this year feels a little different.  I’m getting a very authentic “Bolo” feel, like Charlie Chaplan meets Kathryn Hepburn.  I think the shapes/styles are going to be distinctly more masculine, with a real 40’s flavor.  I think this is the Season for the “Boyfriend Hat.”  And continuing on with our “Neon Obsession”, this Fall is going to extend that trend right into it’s accessories.  And hats are no exception.  So start your search now for the perfect Fall-Hat,  ’cause nothing beats a Chic Chapeau.