Jessica Alba’s Cover/Editorial for Allure’s August 2011 Issue

Allure’s August Cover-Girl, Jessica Alba,  may be the most beautiful girl in the world.  I know this may not come as any great revelation to anyone, but she has that kind of beauty that can fool you.  One minute it’s an understated and natural, then the next you’re blown away by the true awesomeness of it.  She’s a stunning creature, truly magnificent – and her beauty will only magnify as she gets older.

Currently waiting on her second child, I think we haven’t seen the best of Jessica Alba.  I think we’re ready to see the dark side of this actress.  And by that I don’t mean thrillers, or a resurgence of her early work as the token “Mean Girl”, I’m talking about a complex roll that would require her to expose parts of herself and her talent that has thus-far been hidden.  My instinct tells me there’s there’s more – I don’t think she’s just another pretty-face.  For more Jessica, Check-out