Mix 80’s and Rocker-Fab for Future-Chic

80's Style80's Style

Anna Albrekht Images

These amazing Shots by Photographer Anna Albrekht (via trendhunter.com) takes 80’s Chic to a whole new level.  With the perfect updated Pompadour, this “Future-Rocker” look is somewhere between old-school Madonna and Fergie.  The torn fishnets and lace gloves are so “Like a Virgin” I can hardly stand it, but that’s where the comparison ends.

The makeup is beyond gorgeous, taking a cue from the Sharon Tate 60’s Handbook, but adds a serious futuristic twist.  With a perfectly soft-matte face and pale-pink pout, the eyes are left to be the star of the show. With a clean liquid liner that is drawn with precision across the upper-lid, it extends out slightly and is highlighted by a few single faux-lashes.  While this might sound like nothing new, they’ve pumped up the volume by created a unique triangle effect in-between the eyes that acts almost like an arrow pointing toward the sky-high hair that jets straight-up and just rocks the whole style.  Take this look apart and find pieces that work for you, or be brave and attempt to copy the whole thing, in true Avant-Garde Style.