This Fall We’re Taking Back the Beauty-Reigns

It’s time to get serious about your Beauty Regime.  This Fall it’s all about knowing who you are, and celebrating the beauty that is you.  That means gone are the days of chasing overly photo-shopped images of celebrities, and Phantom-Perfection, it doesn’t exist.  This year is about Inspiration & Elevation.  We can be inspired by the fabulous images that surround us everyday, but we can’t be plagued by them.  And that line must be drawn by us, ’cause the onslaught of misleading pictures isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  So this Fall we’re gonna grab the reigns and Take Back Our Beauty Control.  We will not be manipulated and weighed down by unattainable goals, we will ignite our passion and be inspired to elevate our own beauty, and enjoy our own unique attributes.  So get strong, get smart, and enjoy the “Art of Fashion” and keep it all in Perspective.