Unleash Your Lust for Color and Go Neon-Wild

Bold Beauty TrendsUnleash your Lust for Color, and let your passion fly.  There are no rules this Summer – it’s all on!  Blue eye-lids are not the avant-garde standard any more, playing with a little peacock eye-shadow aint gonna’ get you to that Edgy-Chic place I know you wanna’ go.  We are in uncharted waters here.  It use to be that some fabulous eye-trend would emerge for the Season, only look good on deeply-tanned exotic models, and have the rest of us looking like a 5 year old that broke into mommy’s makeup kit for the entire Summer.  Now it’s about a “Broad Makeup Movement”.  Neon-Chic is the greatest this to happen to all of us “Non-Perfect Exotic Beauties.”  What it’s done is create a ton of new product from cosmetic lines who are all competing to meet a huge demand.

We all want to get on board the Neon-Train, and with this wide-diversity of brands/types, it means there is something out there for everyone.  They got smart and started designing makeup for all age-groups, sensitivity-levels, ethnic back-grounds – and ultimately produced so many new options – we are now all able to create our own version of the “Current-Trends”, and feel satisfied that we’re really getting to take advantage of the Hottest-Looks.  So now our only job is to tap into our secret “Makeup-Fantasies” and do a little Color-Exploration.  You never know who you might find hidden inside – but let that fashion-beast run wild, and try new all those makeup-trends that you secretly lust after, but publically put-down because you’re envious that you can’t pull it off.  So go forth and Make-up!!!   Images from TrendHunter.com.