Tom Ford’s Pavlovian Fashion-Dogs: Stimulus-Response

Keeping with our theme of the new 2011 Add Campaigns, let’s follow Mert & Marcus to the new Fall 2011 Tom Ford Add Campaign (via fashiongonerogue).  Using one of Victoria’s Secret Angels, Candice Swanepoel, they went for the slammin’ Ford 3G Style, Glossy-Glam-Goddess (with just enough sex-bomb thrown in to make the whole thing vibrate with excitement).

But that’s the Tom Ford way.  Anyone who was witness to the Ford Gucci days, when the White Dress ran supreme, dripping with Gold-Jewels and wrapped in White-Fur – with so much high-octane glamour it could hardly be contained – remembers the Style-Storm he created.  For many of us, that tide of glamour swept us up in a fashion-fantasy that will forever be a reference point for the Severely-Chic.

Ford’s unapologetic addiction to the life of luxury and glamour is a consistent design-point and one – as viewers – we react to as if we were one of Ford’s “Pavlovian Fashion-Dogs.”  We see a Tom Ford Design, and we respond to the stimulus.  Our hunger for delicious-decadence is aroused and we need to be fed.  Hey what can we do – it’s just Classical-Conditioning, we can hardly be held responsible for our physiological responses….Right?!?