Interview’s Dark/Romantic Anne Hathaway Fall Editorial Layout

Cut from the same cloth as the fabulous movie stars from the “Golden-Age of Cinema”, Anne Hathaway is her generation’s Katheryn Hepburn. With that same quirkly spunk, this thespian is an educated woman, unwilling to abandon her intellect in an effort to fit the “Hollywood Mold.”

I feel utter vindication.  Last year I named Anne Hathaway as my Fashioncow GirlCrush, and devoted many articles to her amazing talent, predicting that her unique beauty would ensure her as a future “Fashion Muse.”  Fast-forward and here we are with a jaw-dropping Cover/Layout for Interview Magazine’s September Issue, shot by the Dynamic Duo of Mert & Marcus (Fashion Photographers Extraordinaire).

Anne Hathaway is an acquired taste, but I’ve deduced that the status of her “Mass Appeal”, may be a indication of an Intimidation Factor. Men often like their “Beautiful Women” Single-Minded/Shapely (Kim Kardashian Anyone?), while women can find the combination of Beauty & Brains simply too much of a threat.  The bottom-line being… Both sexes like their Cookie-Cutter-Celebrities.

And one thing Anne Hathaway aint is “Cookie-Cutter.”  For proof, read the fabulous “Feature” in Interview Magazine, done by the ever-evolving Chelsea Handler.  This was a brilliant pairing.  The reader truly benefits from Hathaway’s trust in Handler, allowing her to be forthcoming and transparent on topics that she may otherwise have been guarded.  Her answers are very open/relatable, and tell us about her process of preparing for roles, how vulnerable she is to everyday stress, favorite authors (they share a passion for Ayn Rand), her work-ethic – and her ever-changing views on marriage, and body-image.  Chelsea managed to make Anne comfortable enough to share without crossing personal boundaries. Bravo Ms. Handler – your satire/humor were only matched by your poise and intellect.

With her upcoming film “One Day”, Anne continues to give us unique/diverse characters that keep us questioning “Female Archetypes”, and provide examples of women that shatter long-standing stereotypes.  And as we see with these stunning images, her ability to evoke emotional depth on film, can produce Avant-Garde images rivaling the most fashion-forward work out there.  So take that all you Academy Award Whiners – She’s Hot – Live With It!!!

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