Anne Hathaway’s Cover/Editorial for September Issue of Marie Claire Uk

Anne Hathaway is Back after flying under-the-radar since her must analyzed Academy-Awards hosting  job she shared with the talented/unpredictable James Franco.  My impression was that Anne got burned by that gig.  There was really no way to come out on top.  But give it a few months and come out looking Better-than-Ever, now that’s a Super-Star move.  And that’s what this actress is.  I’ve sang her praises for years, and this layout proves me right – once again.  She isn’t your “Cookie-Cutter” movie-star with the “Hollywood Beauty” to match.  She belongs in that category only meant for the terribly-unique.  Think Bette Davis, Kathryn Hepburn – Anne Hathaway is of that ilk.  The kind of actress that has multiple-layers and the talent to continue sharing them in unique and surprising way throughout her career.  And that’s what makes her worth watching.  She’s truly one-of-a-kind, and it’s thrilling to see that Photographer Mark Abrahams could capture her enigmatic beauty.  Go to for Anne’s September 2011 Cover-Issue Interview.

Anne Hathaway Marie Claire Uk