Azzedine Alaia, The Master of Mixing Elegance/Edge.

Azzedine Alaia has always stood for luxury in the truest sense.  Their clients are elite members of such highly-coveted clubs as;  The Super-Rich, Super-Famous, and the Gorgeously/Global-Fashionista’s (all of whom collect Couture like Candy. Owning an Alaia gives you serious Street-Cred, they have a Cult Following that is rivaled by non-other in the industry.  A piece from the 80’s “House of Alaia” can carry more power than something straight off the Runway today.  It’s a kind of measuring stick for the true fashion-insider.

It’s easy to throw around names like Chanel or Dior, but when someone knows about an enigmatic designer like Azzedine Alaia, then I know I’m in the presence of a serious fashion connoisseur.  These gorgeous designs (via from his Fall 2011 Collection, shows this designer’s one true allegiance – mixing elegance and edge.  One of my greatest “Fashion-Moments” was wearing an Alaia on a fashion-shoot in Paris (I might not have made it to the heights of the modeling-mountain, but I had my moments).