Beauty Soldiers Ushering in New-Era of Fall Neons

This year the “Beauty Soldiers” are taking over with Fall’s Candy-Colors that will make you want to run out and join this “Fashion Army” ASAP. Marching into a New Era, the concept of “Seasonal Colors” is an antiquated idea best left behind.  Once bound to a strict-code of “Autumn Colors” that were matronly & aging, as we see with these amazing pieces from Blumarine/Versace’s Fall 2011 RTW Collections (via – The “New Autumn – is all about vibrant beginnings.

In this New-World-Fashion-Order, we take our Brilliant Neon-Brights with us as we March toward Fall.  This “Neon-Obsession” is not merely a trend making it’s way through the industry, it’s a paradigm shift in thinking.  We are breaking free of the “Dowdy Chains” that have bound us (for years), and rewriting the rules.  There is a definitive link between Color & Mood, and there’s no denying vibrant hues can make you feel invigorated/alive.  So why would we restrict our access to those fabulous feelings during the Fall/Winter months.  This year…We’re Gonna’ Suck-the-Life Outta’ Fall.