“Beyond Bella”, Kristen Stewart in WMagazine

This is what I’ve been waiting for, a September-Layout that I am Completely Obsessed With.  And while I’m not a hard-core Kristen Steward fan, these images just might make me a convert. Not surprising, my current Obsession with Mert & Marcus – the genius photographers behind every Wickedly Stylish image you’ve seen for Fall 2011 – are the creators of this stunning Fashion-Fantasy Layout.

Let’s talk about the power of these pictures.  They aren’t just another fabulous style interpretation of 60’s chic, or even an ultra-modern update of the Era.  I am captivated by the possibility that they’ve managed to pull out something completely original.  I can see a compilation of every great beauty/sartorial reference of the last 4 decades come together in a way that has serious Trend-Paving potential.  For more on the after-math of this “Bomb-Shell Beauty Explosion”, Go to Fashioncow Beauty.

In Lynn Hirschberg’s Cover-Article on the starlet, she got the “Vampire Princess” to open up about her life in Bella’s-Shadow, her beginning years as a child actor, and the roots of her “Tomboy” style.  I’ve always found Kristen’s low-key demeanor, bordering on apathy.  While this attitude may have served her well in the past, I think it could hurt her commercial-appeal going forward.  The Sullen/Dark Beauty thing can only go so far, however, if this WMagazine pictorial is any indication of her ability to go Beyond-Bella, I definitely approve of the direction.

Kristen Stewart WMagazine September 2011 Cover