Cindy Crawford’s Edgy-Editorial, Singapore Bazaar

In this Editorial “Lady and the Vamp”, Crawford goes from a Stepford Wife to a Seductress, as she explores the nature of both sides. With Simon Upton at the helm, he was able to direct her in these dueling roles for the Cover of Singapore’s Harper’s Bazaar, September Issue. Bringing in the Chic, Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2011 Collection and the raw LA landscape make this edgy layout just the thing Cindy’s career needed. Trust me as beautiful as she is, we could all go the rest of our lives without seeing another Cindy Crawford Calendar Pose.

I feel like somebody out there is listening to me. One of my last write-ups on the Super-Model was my honest critique of her limited modeling range. While her images are undoubtedly stunning, I felt like she needed to take a “Chameleon Pill.” During my small career in modeling I came up behind her, and I remember thinking back then, If you’ve seen one Cindy Crawford image, you’ve seen them all. So while I know she’s set in her ways, it’s good to see this industry-veteran stepping outside of her comfort zone.

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