Steven Meisel’s “Double Take” is Double-Delish for Vogue US


Here we go….My favorite time of the year, when we start getting flooded with all the fabulous Fall trends. Everywhere we look, enticing images getting us all hyped up for the fashion-lovers favorite season – Fall. There is nothing like September for the truly Fashion-Obsessed.  It’s something about the layers, the boots, the jackets, the hats (I could go on, but you get the idea).

And no magazine celebrates this magical-month more than Anna Wintour’s Us Vogue (think September Issue).  They dedicate months of preparation, for the production of 500-600 pages of pure “Sartorial-Satisfaction.”  And this year they’ve kicked things off with a little fashion-appetizer in their August 2011 Issue, the editorial layout “Double Take” prepared by the master trend-setter himself – Steven Meisel.

In this stunning layout,  Meisel gathers an eclectic group of models including; Candice Swanepoel, Kristen McMenamy, Raquel Zimmermann and Miranda Kerr all offering a wide range of ages/looks.  In a unique twist, each straight from the runway trend, was modeled twice by two different models.  Succeeding is showing the same clothes/trends in completely different ways.  By viewing the same pieces through the lens of diversity, the designs feels more approachable, and the concepts more relevant.

doubletake1 doubletake2 doubletake3 doubletake4 doubletake5 doubletake6 doubletake7 doubletake10 doubletake9