The Future of Beauty May Be It’s Ability to Change Forms

Kristen Steward WmagazineYou may look at these images and see hints of Bridget Bardot, Brooke Shields, or Barbara Parkins (Valley of the Dolls), but upon close inspection the beauty/styling reveal itself as a totally unique and original concept.  It’s almost as if the images change form before your eyes. One minute I’m looking at the perfect 60’s Barbie-Doll, then I’m transported to the early 80’s “Calvin Klein” era, followed by flashes of 90’s Sharon Stone/Demi Moore, before I realize I’m looking at something completely new.  And there’s our new Trend – Transformation Chic. The future of Beauty may be it’s ability of Illusion – to transform/change before your eyes.

So how do we approach this Cutting-Edge concept?  We start by considering the idea that any given look can be the amalgamation of many different styles/applications. This layout Blew-My-Mind, and made me reconsider my entire routine.  The “Art of Beauty” is an ever-evolving thing, why should we constrain ourselves to one concept or reference point.  It’s time to get messy and shake things up.  We’re not “Beauty Soldiers”, and this Season we’re not going to be afraid to “Color Outside the Lines.”  By mixing dueling reference points we may stumble upon something magnificent and new.