This Fall Create and Eye-Illusion With the Power of Purple

Although the Runway Pics below are from Gucci’s Spring 2011 Collection, these colors aren’t going anywhere for Fall, and the “Disco-Chic” vibe is staying put as well.  What I’m loving about Fall’s Purple, is that it’s doing “Double Duty” this Season, and we’re reaping the rewards.

The glossy “Peacock” inspired Gradation-Look (below), is done by taking variations of violet/purple and subtly cascading the color-shifts from lash-brow.  For the more extreme “Runway Version”, the different hues can be applied with a distinct “Block of Color”, while the more “Street Friendly”version can be done with lighter shades, that easily blend together – resulting in a kind of “Eye Illusion.”  “Am I really seeing what I think I’m seeing?”

Then the flip side of the “Purple Coin” this Fall, is Purple as the New Black.  And this has some serious long-term potential in the World of Beauty.  Delving into the darker – more romantic purples, we find the “Magic” eggplants & aubergines.  The perfect deep-purple or eggplant does what your black will do without the potential harshness, and with the added benefit of bringing out the Greens in your eyes.  For a truly “Eye-Popping” good time, go to for some beautiful new eye-shadows in powder/cream, or to peak at Dior’s fab 5-colour palette in purple.