Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale I-Do’s “Prime-Time” Style…

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries are officially Hitched (Spotted yesterday (above) both look relaxed, with Kim looking very comfortable in her “Mrs Humphries” Juicy Couture.  Check-out for great over-head pics of the event, and Hollywood life for candid shots of celebrity arrivals.


Well we’ve heard it called “America’s Royal Wedding” or “The Wedding of the Decade”, but one thing’s for sure…You would have to been on another planet to escape the Pop-Culture Pandemonium that is Kim Kardashian’s Wedding.  The undeniable “Queen of the Kardashian’s”, brought her family into the limelight on the “Super-Power” strength of  her “High-End, Rear-End.”  And now after 5 years of success with their reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, and the commercial Global-Explosion of their namesake brand, this wedding seems to be the ultimate celebration of their success.

Never afraid to flaunt their lifestyle, the Kardashian clan is truly the “First Family of Reality Television”, where everything is viewed through the lens of potential marketability.  While we’ve heard endless estimates of how many millions this A-list affair (to be held in an exclusive mansion in Montecito, CA) will cost, the truth is, they will probably end up making money.  With such deals as People Magazine buying the rights to cover/publish the wedding pics, the newly married couple stand to make a mint.

So while we wait to hear all the fabulous details about the celebrity guests, and the 2 “Vera Wang” gowns this month’s “Cosmo Cover-Girl” (below) is reported to be wearing (check-out Madame Tussaud’s Wax Version below via, let’s take a break from the cynical world of marketing/money.  For all her Over-the-top antics, Kim Kardashian seems to really love Kris Humphries, and he her.  So who’s says you can’t find your “Fairy-Tale” ending in Prime Time (oops, there’s that cynicism again, I think I need a patch or something?!?).


Kim Kardashian Cosmpolitan Cover August 2011