Mila Kunis’s Elle Magazine Layout with Justin Timberlake

Mila Kunis Elle MagazineThe Magnificent Mila, here with her co-star (Justin Timberlake) from their current film “Friends With Benefits”, brings a little Afternoon Delight to Elle Magazine’s August 2011 Issue.  I became Mila-Obsessed after her amazing performance in the remarkable film, Black Swan.

I think we’ve only begun to see what this Ukrainian-Beauty can do.  This layout gives us a peak at Mila’s greatest assets, her ability to pull-off dark/sultry and still be that funny/cool chick that gets a dirty joke.  And while I know that’s every man’s fantasy – I think it’s time she starts batting for the home-team.  Before you freak-out, what I mean is that Mila needs to start implementing what I call the “WOW” program – Winning over the Women.  Too many starlets that have a huge male fan-base, get lost in the “Lust-Factor.”

Their built in male fans can carry an actress really far, however, it can also be a career-killer, for a beautiful actress who want to break through that wall – and get the “Oscar” worthy rolls, and have a consistent career, bases solely on their talent/artistry.  I think Mila has what it takes to break-through, but she might have to cool-it with the cheesy publicity stunts, and b-level rom-coms.  But she’s definitely A Fashioncow GirlCrush.