The “New Definition” of Brows Celebrates Their Natural State


Get on board with the New Definition of Brows.  The eyebrow has been slowly making it’s way out of the overly defined/arched look of the last decade, and exploring a thicker/darker more fashion-forward version for 2011-2012.  This look is not about abandoning the arch altogether, it’s about allowing the “Natural” arch to take form.

As the High-Arch trend emerged in the 90’s, many of us found that our arches fell to the outer portion of our face – not an acceptable position.  So like proper little beauty soldiers we all coaxed our arches over the middle of our eyes, forever ensuring we would have to pluck, wax, and fill-in for the rest of our lives.  So hooray for a new trend that allows us to celebrate our brows in their “Natural State.”