The Transforming Effects of this Fall’s “New Natural” Face

I’m Completely Obsessed With Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2011 Runway-Beauty (via  Finding a new way to attack the “Natural Look” isn’t an easy task.  Every Season we see our fair share of the Smokey Eye/Nude Lip combo, or vice/versa with the Scarlet-Red Lip/Sheer Eye.  However, the Autumn months come a knockin’ it’s almost impossible to do an All Natural Face without looking washed-out.  September thru November are the “Bold Months” made to pop, not very “Clean Friendly” in the world of Makeup/Beauty.

So I was more than thrilled to see a designer tackle this issue with success.  The (celeb darling) Prabal Gurung came at this problem as he does with everything else, a Fresh-Perspective.  By accentuating the natural straight line of the brow and added a soft-charcoal on the inner-eye area, some beauty-experts might call him sac-religious.  We are never supposed to go near that area with anything but concealer/eye-brightener.  But Prabal through that old-thinking out and with a soft peach shadow across the lid and a soft-taupe brow-powder, the effect was transforming.

The girls came out with soft-waves in their hair, accentuated by a few round curls around the face, and a soft-sheer mauve lip.  The over-all look is so stunning, it almost has an exotic bird-like appeal.  By allowing the brows to form a straight-line that seems to extend down into the beautiful shadow-cast, you go from girl-next-door to edgy-avatar in one perfect step.  2011’s answer to overly straightened hair, and an underwhelming “Natural Look.”