Thinking Girl’s Approach to Color, No Neon-Novices

Camilla Gray ArtistThe Thinking Girl’s Approach to Getting the Most of Color…Fashion Illustration – Camilla Gray

I don’t want you to fall into trap of a typical “Makeup-Junkie”, at fashioncow my goal is to teach you to be discerning while allowing you to continue to enjoy Obsessing on the newest/hottest Beauty-Trends.

Don’t waste your time on Colors you know don’t work. You’re a big girl now, you have to face the facts that no matter how much you love “Barbie-Doll” Pink, it may not be the shade for you.  So many girls stay at the “Novice-Level” – Makeup 101 – because they refuse to face certain Truths about themselves.  So here’s this week’s lesson on How to learn how to tell yourself NO!!!

The “Thinking Girl” understands that it’s not an all-or-nothing concept when it comes to Color/Application.  We’re smart women, we don’t have to believe everything we see.  When we look at an image of a celebrity with Peacock Colored Eyelids blended to perfection, we must tell ourselves it’s all an illusion.  Drooling/Obsessing over images that are formed in Photo-shop, or are works of an over-paid makeup artist – is a recipe for insecurity.

Instead we must apply some self-control, and take a good hard look at who we are and what we’re wanting to accomplish.  Is it really fake “Spider Lashes” that go up to your forhead (ala’ Kim Kardashian or JLo) or are you really just wanting to make your thin lashes look thicker.  If the latter is true then you must stop praying at the alter of false-images.  You’ll never live up to them, and worse, you’ll rob yourself of the opportunity to enjoy your own “Beauty-Accomplishments.”