Christina Ricci’s Cover/Editorial for Manhattan Magazine

This well know film actress is about to take over the “Small Screen” in her television debut of “Pan-Am.”  And if this Cover/Editorial for Manhattan Magazine is any indication of her ability to take on a fashion-role and make it believable, it should be a hit.  These sultry images show a different side to the edgy actress, primarily known for the quirky characters she has played over the years, it’s really great seeing her come into her own.  Possibly fearing that she might lose her unique-edge, Christina Ricci has never really committed to being the High-Style “Leading Actress,” seeming to prefer to waiver between “Edgy-Independent Girl” and “Hollywood It-Girl.”  Now that she’s out of her 20’s maybe she can embrace both sides, and fully evolve into the “Fashionable Woman” we know she can be.