Claudia Schiffer’s Radiant/Relevant Vogue Spain Layout

I have one word for you – Claudia.  In her hey-day that’s all you needed to hear and it would conjure up images just like this amazing editorial, shot by the prolific fashion-photographer –  Tom Munro.  One of three Cover-Models for Vogue Spain’s September Issue, Claudia Schiffer reminds us why she was able to conquer the world of High-Fashion modeling with a “Bomb-Shell” body.

Dazzling in looks from a variety of designers including, Dolce & Gabbana and Pucci, this 90’s Super-Model could easily fit in with the Lara Stones, Abbey Lee Kershaws & Raquel Zimmermans of today.  And that’s what makes this such a stand-out layout.  We’ve seen Christie Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell reinvent their career as they’ve moved into their 40’s, but they can’t really carry a current editorial.  Usually they have “Fashion Stories” created in an effort to promote themselves (or their personal brand), not necessarily the clothes, unless they are the “Face” of a particular brand.

I submit that these pictures could fit among the most fashion-forward of today, with Claudia falling seamlessly into the mix.  There’s a world of difference between “Looking amazing for your age”, and looking cutting-edge and natural among a group of girls half your age – with completely different reference points.  But the one-time “Face of Guess”, manages to look edgy, chic, and completely Of the Moment.  Take a Lesson all you one-time “Super-Models”, it doesn’t matter how hot you look – if you try too hard to look relevant – you probably aren’t.  Like everything else in the world, You Either Have it or you Don’t, and Claudia Schiffer still has it!