Elsa Hosk Cured Me of my Print-Aversion Flare Magazine’s “Nature of Prints”

I’ve been on a search to cure the “Print-Aversion” I’ve been afflicted with due to an influx of over-sized/unflattering prints I’ve been exposed to during Spring Fashion Week.  This trip Back to Nature, with Elsa Hosk in the glorious editorial for Flare’s September Issue by Chris Nicholls, came just in the nick-of-time.  I was desperate to find the avant-garde hidden style in these awkward print varieties that were walking so many of the 2012 Spring Runway Shows, but finally I had to relent to my common sense.  Many of the Big-Fat Florals/Hawaiin Prints we’re just one step out of my grandparents closet – and not in a cool vintage way (in a old-smelly kinda’ way).  Sometimes you gotta’ just call-it-like-you-see-it.  I refuse to be just another “Couture-Bot”, believing everything that comes down the “Catwalk” is High-Fashion.  Even the greatest designers make mistakes, and if we all become little “Sartorial-Soldiers” – believing everything we’re told, and questioning nothing – we aren’t doing these amazing artists any favors.  So while my commitment to High-Fashion and the avant-garde roots it was built on, is absolutely unyielding… I’m not always gonna’ drink the “Couture Kool-aide.”