Laura Aitken Goes Cat-Eye Crazy by Laura Neumeister

This week’s lesson in “Bad-Boy Beauty” covers the new Fall Cat-Eye.  It may have many amalgamations, but the most exciting is the Cat-Eye-to-the-Sky version, as seen here on Laura Aitken (via These shots by Laura Neumeister are really blowin’ my skirt up.  Going from the tired ‘ol liquid liner extended past the lash-line, this powdered-style takes it to another level.

Lining the top lash with the go-to ink-black liner of your choice – but to kick things up a notch – find a matte-black powder with staying-power and smudge the line over your lid and then extend it out with a wing-like effect, followed by a 90 degree turn up toward the brow, as the shadow slowly fades out.  It’s Rock-n-Roll meet Runway, and it will Light Your Eyes on Fire.  And with this kind of “Eye Drama”, play-down the rest of your face, and it’s a great opportunity to try that Pompadour or Slicked-Back Masculine Style you’ve been dying to try.