Find Your Inner “Gucci-Girl” And Go For the Bold & Beautiful

Ilva Heitman fills-out this Fall’s Gucci Collections with all the right curves.  With the style-noir of a 40’s mystery, these pieces have an intrinsic quality of “Big-Screen” Drama, as if they were lit-within, just waiting for the cameras to roll.  With that spirit let’s channel the great film-actresses from the era of satire/style, tap into our inner “Deitrich”, and find a way to add a little Over-the-top to our daily wardrobe.  Greg Kadel’s layout (via  is so filled with inspiration, we see with every satorial choice there’s an opportunity to shine.  Try a bold-colored fedora, or a fabulous bow-tie silk button-down silk shirt, draped with a “Faux-Fur” vest – you’ll be the talk of the office, classroom, PTA meeting, or just coffee with the girls.  Let’s just Blow-’em all away this Season.