Kors Spring 2012, Fashion That Obeys a Woman’s Body

This Michael Kors Spring 2012 RTW Collection is an invitation to the Sexiest-Safari imaginable.  Having only recently recovered from his amazing Fall 2011 presentation, I once again found I was overwhelmed by the awesome power of “The Michael Kors Experience.”  This man seems to be in such a Chic-Zone right now, he can hardly do no-wrong.  His pieces are these decadent combinations of luxury/uptown-edge.  The “Kors Girl” is style personified.  Fashions that obey a woman’s figure, and bend to her will.  Take notes designers, these clothes are what we love.  Dynamic layers that fit/flatter, and once on, can only make you feel amazing.  These are clothes made for a woman, by a man who wants them to feel amazing.  Beyond creating the designs, and cashing the checks, this genius designer has figured out how to take himself out of the equation.  It’s all about the woman.