Innovation is the Name of Fall’s Hair/Beauty Game

Through the amazing work of the prolific and cutting-edge Photographer Jeff Tse, we can tap into our creative side and imagine an Autumn season that would allow us to transfer all the rich colors of Fall to our makeup palette, as we endeavor to integrate the “Art of Fashion/Beauty” into our little-lives.  This editorial starring Vladimira Chichova (via fashiongonerogue), is a fashion-fantasy come true, and with a bit of editing, provide us with fabulous new ideas for Hair/Makeup.

There is no escaping this season’s obsession with hair-pieces in the form of Braids/Bows/Buns.  We saw entire collections sent down the Runway with a simple part down the middle and bands of braids across the head. Most of the braids were synthetic pieces (as to allow a consistency of thickness/shade, giving the look a more dramatic feel).  A hair-piece can be made to look like anything (as below) the illusion of a bow (without the burden of being too literal).  What I like about this concept is the element of Whimsy.  By using the pieces less as “hair-extensions” than “hair-accessories”, you can create more of a character – Roman Princess or Greek Goddess.  Your only limit is your imagination (but restraint can be the difference between Avant-Garde Cool and Costume Cheese) don’t cross that tacky line.

And Vladimira’s Chignons below are some of the chicest versions I’ve ever seen.  With a style that is virtually revamped every season, it’s a miracle to see something new/fresh.  I’m Completely Obsessed With all the levels going on with these styles.  If we deconstruct the shape, what we get is a perfect combination of sophisticated traditional and high-end edge.  They’ve managed to create an Up-do that doesn’t feel matronly, by using the high-top plain “Bun” shape, then adding a second “Bun” toward the back, forming one unique High-Style “Anti-Ballerina” look.  Then the piece-d’resistance is the “Tail-Feather” rebelliously popping out from behind, and the deliciously severe bangs that bring the entire architectural piece full-circle.  Innovation is the name of the game here.

On the Makeup side, when it comes to playing around with Neon-Bold colors, one hard and steady rule stands true…Never mix Neon-Bold eyes with Bright Lips/Cheeks.  Decide what new trend you want to brave, and leave the others for another night.  When we look at Vladimira’s makeup we see how quick something goes from Cool to Cartoon.  My current Obsession is what I’ve named the “Peacock-Eye” this Season.  I’m loving the Bold-Yellow on the Lid/Inner-Eye, with the statement color being this dynamic cobalt-blue (instead of black), combining to make this truly “Eye-Popping” duo.  And for a more daring evening look, I love the blue artistic-line drawn under her eye, forming a beautiful-blue arc.  Take you time and go through these pictures, there are quite a few hidden gems that would be very fun to try, and a great way to “Break you out of your Beauty-Rut.”