Luca Luca’s Spring 2012 RTW Collection

Luca Luca’s Spring 2012 RTW Collection was a bit of a Hit/Miss for me.  While I found myself loving some of the fabulous bold Spring Blues/Yellows/Teals, and the great “Luca Luca” clean-lines that the brand is synonymous with, I was less than thrilled with some of the 80’s vibe that was happening.  For every cool vintage-inspired piece that felt fashion-forward, there was another that felt like I was looking at a left-over from an 80’s music video.  And some of the shiny fabrics and backward headbands really pushed the line of taste (for me), while the vintage references often felt overt rather than “Inspired By.”  I never want to have to ask myself, “Does this Feel Dated?”  That’s the kiss of death for a vintage inspired line.  But having said all that, there were many pieces that were fun and fresh, with colors that were right on trend.