The Future is Now… Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2012 Runway

Gareth Pugh’s trip down “Sci-Fi” lane, didn’t really stir any deep philosophical stirrings to unearth the ultimate answer, “Who is the Gareth Pugh Woman?”  Rather, I allowed myself to be transported to this “Other-World”, courtesy of the Master-Designer, with all the open-mindedness of an explorer traveling to a new world.  This bold aesthetic was such an architectural feat, it was meant to be a visceral-ride, not an intellectual assignment.  So while this may be the woman who’s shed all her connections to this world of chaos/emotions, only to embrace the fearless “Soldier” insider her – and the evolutionary process she much go through to ultimately free herself from the “ties that bind” – I just see the gorgeous planes of possibility.  At first glance, this collection might cause you to dismiss it’s possibility of “personal relevance”, out of hand, but upon closer inspection you will see endless options.  And there is your message, forget future/sci-fi “Pod-Women”, this is about recognizing your available opportunities.  Within this avant-garde presentation is truly exciting new ideas/options for very wearable pieces.  For the entire collection visit