Jacqueline Jablonski Travels Like a Movie-Star in Vogue Italia

Check-out Vogue Italia’s Globe-trotting Glam-Goddess, with her “Makeup on Blast.”  In this gorgeous layout by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia’s September Issue (via Fashionising.com), Jacquelyn Jablonski the “Extravagant-Sophisticated Lady” shows us the more “Dramatic” side of Fall’s Beauty-Brigade.  With their version of the Winged Cat-Eye, the black eye-liner is extended straight out from the lid with a matching upside-down crescent-shaped line drawn under the lower lash, paired with a white pencil starting at the inner-eye and following the black line through the winged extension.  It gives the inner-eye a dramatic-pop, with the entire look taking on an exotic “Bird-Like” quality.  This makeup trend isn’t for the “Weak of Heart”, or the “Natural Girls”, but if you’re wanting to amp-up your Fall-Face, take a cue from these beautiful images – and think 40’s Movie-Star…Big Hair….And Bigger Makeup.