Daphne Groeneveld/Lindsey Wixson Join Forces for Versace for H&M Campaign

Combine the white-hot power of the “House of Versace” with the commercial success of H&M, throw in 2 amazing Super-Models and the midas-touch of the hottest fashion-photographers in the business – Mert & Marcus – odds are you going to arrive at somewhere “Other-Worldy.”  And that is certainly the case with the Fall 2011 Versace for H&M Campaign, featuring the “Models of the Moment” Daphne Groeneveld & Lindsey Wixson, along with some seriously fabulous back-up by male models wearing the hottest Versace for H&M looks (images via fashiongonerogue).  Like other collaboration that have gotten this kind of buzz (think Missoni for Target), this extension of Versace (proper) appears to be really high-quality for such low price-points.  I was fawning all over my hair designer’s (Gary) at my last appt., ’cause he was donning the chicest pair of straight-leg purple pants (with a subtle pattern), that made them look like they had come straight off Mick Jagger.  As I found myself “Petting” his leg, I finally inquired, “Gucci?”  And he proudly looked at me and said, “No, this is that H & M line that’s so hard to find.”  Apparently he’d found them in San Francisco, and despite the low price, they are highly sought-after/coveted pieces by the “Fashion-Elite.”  And after seeing (and feeling) them first hand, I’m a believer, high-end chic all the way.  I’m already obsessed with the line (but good luck gettin’ your hands on any).  Images from Oyster Magazine.com.