Diane Kruger’s Clandestine-Layout for Citizen K Magazine

Diane Kruger took time out of her busy international travels to shoot for the cover/editorial of Citizen K Magazine’s Fall-Issue.  This “front-row” frequenter and global-fashionista is an always present site at “Haute-Couture” events, and industry parties.  As the long-time muse of Karl Lagerfeld, she has been a “Chanel-Darling” for years, working as a kind of “Chanel-Barbie”, always showing off fabulous pieces from their current collection – with her “Runway-Ready” body as the perfect Style-Hanger.  Showing she hasn’t forgotten her roots, Diane is in full Model-Mode for this “Citizen Diane” layout shot by Gregory Derkenne.  In one of my favorite LA spots, The Chateau Marmont, the spread takes on a very “Underground” theme.  This famed Hotel is a common backdrop for many a photo-spread, and provides the perfect Clandestine atmosphere for this “Spy-Chic” Fashion-Story.  Not sure what to believe, Diane Kruger plays the perfect “Style Double-Agent”, in changing looks from Calvin Klein, YSL, and Louis Vuitton.