Enjoy Suburban-Psychotica with Ruby Aldrige in Vogue Italia’s “Home Chic”

In this “Stepford-Wife Gone Mad” we see our every-day environment take on a sinister-edge, as the blinding vibrant-hues and sharp metal-edges plays into this highly-manic state of hyper-vulnerability and Decadent-Dementia.  In Vogue Italia’s October Issue, we get a one-way ticket down the “Fashion Rabbit-Hole” for an up-close view of Miles Aldridge’ idea of Suburban-Psychotica in “Home Chic.”

With all the delicious darkness of a Hitchock film, our cool-blonde heroine leaves us “Shaking in our Stilettos” – just the way we like it.  In what can only be termed as an epic transformation, Ruby Aldridge goes from dark-haired/edgy-girl – to super-blond/style-bot, in this Career-Making editorial.  Benefiting from having her “Half-Brother” behind the camera, Ruby is clearly having her “Model-Moment.”  It only takes one jaw-dropping performance for the industry (and beyond) to see you break away from the “Look” you’re known for, and imagine the endless possibilities.

It’s what can elevate you from “working-model” to “Super-Model.” It’s the true “Chameleons” that are the super-stars in this world.  The ability to suspend reality and take viewers on a visual-ride, where there are no creative-boundaries, is at the very heart of the Avant-Garde experience.  And to that end, we need our talented models for those “Fashion-Stories” to be realized.  It’s no secret that I am a champion for the unique qualities a truly amazing model brings to the “artistic-table.”  And this stunning masterpiece, by Miles Aldridge, is Multi-Dimensional, Super-Sonic, Outta-this-World….Proof.