Enjoy the Theater of Change in Grazia’s Style Story “Idee Forth”

In this “Fashion-Concert” of Fall’s Greatest-Hits, featuring “Style-Songs” from Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada (and more) – we get to experience the full-spectrum of what this Season has to offer.  In this amazing layout for Grazia’s #40 Issue, Julie Ordon shows her “Chameleon” skills for the likes of photographer, Frederic Pinet (images via FashionEditorials.com).  With the help of an amazing arrangement of wigs/makeup, we are treated to a Theater of Change in this fashion-story “Idee Forth.”

Finding her inner “Mod-Girl”, we see our model showcasing the power-of-punch the right choice of “Color-Blocking” can bring.  With pieces including a vibrant yellow 60’s-Sweater, a fabulous flaming-orange Trench-Coat/Go-Go Boots, and a tempting teal Gucci Fur-Wrap/Fedora, we are transported to another place/time.  And demonstrating her range, Julie inspires us to get in-touch with our “City-Sleek”, “Hipster-Cool”, and “Urban-Sophisticated” Girl.

While this is an illustration in how to go to extremes when changing your look, I think we take a few helpful tips from this editorial, on how to incorporate simple changes for dramatic results.  We love to experiment with new styles, but often forget to finish the look.  If we’re going to go for 40’s-fab, or 60’s-chic – changing our hair/makeup can go a long way to completing the whole ensemble.  Taking time to add a bold-lip, or a high-bump with a clean ponytail, can elevate you from ordinary to extraordinary.  You probably won’t be finding me in a short Twiggyesque wig anytime soon, but you better believe I’m gonna’ try to emulate that wicked kohl-rimmed smokey “Mod-Eye.”  So find what turns you on in this layout, and determine what little change would bring that look to life.