Explore the “Underworld of the Afternoon” in One Magazine

In yet another dark-sultry hotel room, we find our super-fashionable couple lounging around in the likes of Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs.  Exploring this “Underworld of the Afternoon” is a trend the “Fashion-World” has become obsessed with.  These sexy editorials are laced with an edge of mystery/guilt, and turn us all into “Fashion-Voyeurs.”  Potent with restrained urgency, these images express a frantic exchange of power, with Dominance & Submission playing the ultimate part in this game of Love/Sex/Fashion/Fame.  Capturing our not so innocent Femme-Fatale (Diana Moldovan) and her willing victim (Remy), Fashion Photographer Karine Basilio pushes our lovebirds to test the bounds of propriety for the current issue of One Magazine.