Fall Editorials Provide Fuel for our “Fashion-Fire” Elyse for S Moda Magazine.

Take some time to go through your favorite Fall-Layouts, and see how influential the shapes/textures of the surroundings play in how you view the ensembles.  Grab a few of your favorite Louis Vuitton, Phillip Lim, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Prada Designs from their Fall 2011 Collections (yeah-right), add a 1 picturesque city-scape background against the azure blue-skies of early Autumn, throw in your run-of-the-mill perfect woman (in the form of a high-paid fashion model), and you just might get one gorgeous-glossy editorial layout.  Here Mattihias Vriens-McGrath captures Elyse for S Moda Magazine’s editorial “Future Retro.”

Currently what’s Trending in the fashion industry, is to showcase Fall’s stand-out pieces – with all their luscious elements of style and decadent-embellishments/accessories – by framing them in front of strong/potent architecture.  Or conversely, exposing the Season’s extreme design elements by juxtaposing their details against beautiful natural environments.  So whether it’s Burberry in front of a High-Rise Building, or Thakoon among the Tulips, these current fashion-spreads are giving us some serious fuel for our Fashion-Fire.

It can be very enlightening to view the soft-lines of a 40’s style pencil-skirt against the rough-edginess of a faded brick-wall.   Or view a chic “Mod” look lit-up by the gritty streets of the Urban-Jungle.  It’s an exercise in thinking outside-of-the-box.  The 1 rule I’ve maintained this Fall, is that there are no rules, the limits are truly set by your imagination and ability to conceive new ideas.  And to this end, we must rev-up our creative-engines and move out of our comfort zone.  See the world beyond ourselves, and we may be able to see new possibilities.  Mattihias Vriens-McGrath’s images below (via fashiongonerogue.com), provide the perfect place to start this process.