Go Severely-Chic This Fall With Fashion-Forward Blunt Bangs

Inspired by the Crisp Fall air, nothing says Autumn-Chic like a full-on “Beauty-Transformation.”  Put away all your “Beach-Wave” sprays, and curl-enhancing gels, and get out all your “Straight-Making” hair products, ’cause we’re going Straight this Fall.  Stick-Straight tresses are a definite trend right now, and the addition of blunt-bangs adds the 60’s touch that is so hot right now.  Bangs, in and of themselves, aren’t anything new (each year we see at-least one amalgamation of this look circuit through), it’s how they are updated that makes them worthy of reconsideration (or not).

In this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Hanne Gaby Odiele is seen with the coolest version of Fall’s 60’s inspired Bangs.  By adding heavy-fringe framing the face, the super-straight blunt-bangs, really make the eyes pop and create an amazing shape.  The secret here is that the weight of the bangs is equal to the weight of the fringe pieces.  And what’s makes the entire look so fashion-forward is the severe nature of the style.  With blunt bangs matching the blunt ends, those few rebellious fringe can really cause a “Beauty-Stir.”  Images via FashionGoneRogue.com.