Mugler Spring 2012

Well it’s hard to think of Mugler without thinking of Lady Gaga.  Last Season she was the highlight of the Mugler Runway, and Nicola Formichetti’s muse.  And while we’ve seen them collaborate since then (think MTV Music Awards/Jo Calderone), the only Gaga appearance at Spring Fashion Week 2012 was her image on the big screen behind the Catwalk, and the pumping sound of her voice singing out that she was “The Mugler Woman.”  While I think that Formichetti & Gaga have great creative chemistry and I look forward to anything that collaboration produces, I’m not Head-over-Heals for the Mugler Spring 2012 Collection.  Upon first inspection, one may get swept-up in the dynamic architecture of the pieces, and miss the fact that they are somewhat in a vacuum.  While it’s not hard to look at some of the designs, it’s as if they are a “Faux-Collection”, something that’s been designed for a Sitcom or Film, to look like something really “Fashion-Forward.”  It’s all Cake and no Concept.  For the complete Mugler Spring 2012 Collection go to