Purple-Reigns this Fall with Vibrant/Rich Color-Combinations

As we see in these stunning images by David Roemer, Purple-Reigns this Fall for Eyes. And what we also notice is that all the “beauty-rules” that tell us we can’t mix bolds on the face, are out the window this Season.  Stevie Huynh has “dared” to mix this purple/aubergine eye-combination, with dramatic deep-berry lips, and “black-cherry” nails. On paper we might hear these colors and think they would be a chaotic-mess on the face, with one too many vibrant shades fighting for dominance.  However, what we see is that with some looks, the trend demands that all features get the same “bold-attention.”  This 70’s-Beauty inspiration is so hot right now, it’s important that we start to play around with different shades/applications, so that we can really take advantage of this fabulous Style-Revival.  I’ve been obsessed with Purple this Fall, lining my top lid with a deep eggplant shade, Lancolm’s (Successorize) and topping it with a brilliant purple, Lancolm (Trendy). The key for me is to not take the color up into my crease – I shade the crease with a taupy-pink tint (Mac is my favorite). Forego your black-liner for the deep eggplant, and then coax the color out with brighter hues of lavender/purple to make the eye pop.  The result is stunning, and I’ve noticed it has serious “lasting-power.”  And now that I see I can go a little brighter with my lip-shade, I’m excited to really take this trend all the way.