Turn Up the Lights On Fall’s “Super-Shiny” Makeup Trends

Vogue Australia’s October 2011 Issue, features the stunning Rosie Tupper, lighting-up the Season’s hottest looks with designs that will light-up any room – from Prada, Louis Vuitton, Christopher Kane and more.  And “Co-Starring” in this gorgeous Fashion-Story “The Shining”, is the “Traffic-Stopping” Makeup (that will have you longing to be “Shiny”)”

Taking a cue from how the light dances off the dazzling surfaces of the Fall-Fashions below, we can adapt a similar style for our makeup.  High-Gloss, High-Shine, Super-Reflective cosmetics – can be your best friend, or worst enemy.  There are rules we must adhere to if we hope to have success when using product consisting of glitter, gloss, slick or shine.

Firstly, we must understand that anything that shines, bring extra-attention to that area – or more specifically can amplify any Feature or Flaw.  “Highlighting” products are completely antithetical to the idea of hiding or disguising.  Whether it’s pores, acne, scars, dry-skin, dark-circles, heavy-lids, or especially wrinkles or fine-lines – SHINE IS THE ENEMY (It’s like a bull-horn announcing what’s below).

So keeping this in mind, it becomes easier to imagine what would benefit from a little Spark/Shine, and what would be betrayed.  As these images prove, a subtle Gloss or Glitter swept across the eyelid can provide a fun/funky departure from your daily beauty-routine.  It’s a perfect way to amp up your eyes for a night-out, and can be easily added on top of your “Day-Makeup” (choose a similar shade, and tap a little shiny shadow on top of your existing makeup, don’t rub or blend).  And when it comes to “Shiny-Eyes”, leave the eye-liner at home, just build up those lashes with thick-black mascara.  The glitter gives the eye an ethereal quality, while the intense lashes make the eyes POP.  It’s a devilishly-dynamic combo.

And when you want to add a high-gloss lip to the equation, make sure you deviate from scarlet-red to something with a bit of orange.  As you see below, you want the “Shiny-Lip” to appear Translucent without being Transparent, this is what will allow you to wear a Glossy-Eye/Shiny-Lip together, without ending up somewhere in “Hookerville.”  These images, by Nicole Bentley, are a great example of how reflective makeup can be both harmonious/flattering.