Maryna Linchuk in ‘Party Girl’ by David Roemer for Vogue Mexico

Up Your Style-Stock with a Fashion-Investment in Fall’s Gold. In this high-glossy fashion-fiesta, Vogue Mexico celebrates the world of Shiny-Chic in “Party-Girl”, a dazzling layout proving that this Fall, “All that Glitters is Gold/Silver Metallic.”  In a dazzling array of brocade fabrics, and reflective-mirrored pieces – this stunning spectacle shows that anything looks better with a Metallic-Shine.  Maryna Linchuck is doing fashion Double-Time, for famed photographer David Roemer, as they show how metallic play a feature-role in the 70’s-Chic revival movement that has take over this Season.  These images have captured the look/spirit of the “Halston-70’s” with perfect-precision, while still managing to bring the style fashion-forward, with a distinctive updated vibe.  These images are the “Jerry Hall” look of that decade that I’m always preaching about.  It’s a dynamic long/lean style, that will never get old.  The greatest lesson we can take from this editorial, is how this Fall’s-Gold will “hike-up” our “Style-Stock.”  It’s an easy calculation.  Add a few simple metallic-accessories & 1 fab faux-fur, with 1-2 pieces of “gold-enhanced” items to your already existing Fall wardrobe, and you’re in for a serious “Return on your Fashion-Investment.”  Visit Fashioncow’s “Puple-Reigns” for a Beauty-Breakdown on how to get this fabulous makeup look.