60’s-Style Circle-Sensations Mod Sunglasses are Drop-Dead-Chic

60’s Vintage Sunglasses

I am Completely Obsessed With 60’s-inspired Round Sunglasses (above) this Fall.  I’ve gone MAD FOR MOD, and these round glasses are the perfect updated version of a style that was a staple during the hipster-mod days of the late 1960’s.  As opposed to the cartoonish over-sized look of the original shades, the modern take on this look is smaller/sleeker, with a Chic-Parisian feel to them.  This super-cool eye-wear has me envisioning Audrey Hepburn skipping down a Parisian side-street with perfect little ballerina-flats on her way to some underground coffee-house, they just scream Drop-Dead-Wicked-Chic to me.  And when I came across these amazing specimens (below), by Tsumori Chisato from his Fall 2011 Collections, I went a little Mad.  These Amazing-Autumn-Accessories have now taken up permanent-residency in my “Fashion-Fantasies”, on an endless Obsession-Rotation with my other Fall “Wish-List” items.  For more on this trendy designer go to Trendland.net.