Malgosia Bela Joins the ‘Make-Up Circus’ by Richard Burbridge, Grazia France

As we head for the holiday season, nothing could be more appropriate than this decadent, over-the-top spread, “Bold-Beauty“, for the current issue of Grazia France. Celebrating all that Glitters isn’t gold, Richard Burbridge gets the beautiful Malgosia Bela to cry Crystal-Tears from real Crystal-Embellished lashes. With her play on “40’s-fab,” Malgosia rocks a holiday-red lip, with full lashes that make it perfect for any event. Rockin’ a wild take on the “Winged-Eye,” with black-noir shadow reaching up to the tip of her brow, the liner creates a batmanesque-look. Topping it off, the silver-metallic color spills onto her inner eye-line to capture a luring effect. An ode to goth, with black/silver cream shadow, defiantly covering the entire lid, this aggressive look takes over the eye-brows and forces them to blend-in. While not every look is exactly “Party-Ready,” these artistic interpretations of Fall’s Best Trends are an avant-garde approach to this season’s makeup. Beauty that could benefit from a bit of an edge, don’t get too literal, just get inspired!!!