Vlada Roslyakova in “Lady Art” by David Roemer for Marie Claire Spain

Vlada Roslyakova is Caught Between a Rock and a Haute Place in “Lady Art” by David Roemer for Marie Claire Spain. The grand juxtaposition of life exposed in it’s most “Raw” form, and I suspect part of Roemer’s vision & message in the fashion-story “Lady Art.”  With some of Fall’s most delicate designer pieces against the rock-hard granite “canvas” of Spain’s spectacular statues, we get a “Haute-History” lesson in the December Issue of Marie Claire Spain.  In front of this genius lens-master, Vlada Roslyakova unites with her surrounding in this “Raw” coming together of earth’s most precious elements.  A sweeping celebration of Beauty in it’s most elemental and pure form, we are inspired to see beyond the glossy page.  Taking artistic liberties is the last stand an independent thinker can take on the road to self-discovery.  This prolific photographer’s heroic stance on always taking creative-risks, never fails to ignite my inner-passion and push me past my comfort-zone.  We have to risk doing something very poorly in an effort to achieve something really great.  I am forever moved by the Path of the Passionate, and will always seek to find the “Art of the Arduous” as an opportunity to analyze….and an invitation to engage.