Elisa Sednaoui & Haider Ackerman by Sergi Pons for Marie Claire Spain Dec. 2011

Let’s get this outta’ the way, I hate Elisa Sednaoui right now.  I have a huge Fashion-Crush on Haider Ackermann, and would die to be in her shoes on this shoot.  So I guess I won’t be feigning any objectivity on this write-up, as I’m somewhat Obsessed with the man.  I have long called him the leader of the fashion-forward movement of “Power Layers”, and the important role they play in the lives of modern women. He/She who Commands the Flattering-Layers, Rules the Fashion-World.

As we embark on what I’m calling “21st Century-Chic”, designers must accept the “New-World-Style-Order”, that simply states that for every body-hugging ensemble we desire – we long for 10 super-chic, flattering layered-looks.  We want clothes that drape and fall in a way that creates a “Shape-Illusion.”  It’s the “Fashion-Architect” that can create pieces that pile-up but shape-down.  I consider myself somewhat of a master on the subject, as I feel very passionate about this concept, and the young designers that are coming along, following in the great footsteps of men like Haider Ackermann.

This (gorgeous – I warned you) Columbia born Designer-Sartorialist, paved the way for this dynamic shift in industry-philosophy, and proved that clothes don’t have to be tight/skimpy to be sexy.  The December issue of Marie Claire Spain celebrates this innovative artist, with a cover/editorial shoot, featuring Elisa Sednaoui as a modern-dream, in looks from his Spring 2012 Collection (via FashionGoneRogue.com).