FGR’s High-Gloss Retro Inspired Beauty With Bold 80’s Colors

With a Color-Palette that would rival the 2011 High-Gloss World of Gucci, this Retro-Sophisticated layout, shot by Michelle Du Xuan, is pure Fashion-Fun.  From the likes of the always cutting-edge Fashion Gone Rogue, their latest exclusive “La Belle Epoque” layout is another terribly-chic triumph.  Give me big hair, bigger shoulder pads, and 80’s style makeup that includes the Neon-Spectrum on Purple/Yellow/Red/Blue, and I’m gonna be one “Haute” Happy-Camper.  This is just so “Knots-Landing” & “Dallas” (look it up if you don’t get the reference – it’s worth it).  This is just one more reminder that this trend is all about breaking the rules.  Go bold on the Eyes, Lips, Hair, and Clothes – it’s a super-sonic style explosion.  And just looks cool.