Lea Michele Has a “Love-Affair” with the Camera for Allure Magazine

Norman Jean Roy seems to be having a very “Fellini” moment with Lea Michele, as we can imagine her some young girl he’s plucked out of obscurity, planning to make a “Super-Star.”  In his signature-style, Roy manages to evoke a raw-sultriness from Lea that we’ve never seen.  In the “Glee-World” she inhabits, this talented singer/actress has portrayed every character imaginable, so leave it to this photographic-genius to uncover her hidden inner-glamour to bring this vintage-inspired layout to life.  Michele is captivating in this stunning spread for the December Issue of Allure Magazine, as the young ingenue who has just begun her “Love-Affair” with the camera.  Attempting to capture the style of 1950’s Italian-Cinema, Lea channels a young Sophia Loren infusing her own sassy-spark and unique flavor for a fresh take on this sultry-era. Check-out Judith Newman’s editorial for a closer look at this hardworking-performer, who lives under the constant scrutiny of media-attention & rampant-rumors that follow her relentlessly. While, in the end, it may just be that this is a very talented individual who is super-driven to achieve something special in a super-fickle industry.